Australia’s Corio Waste Management Discuss Implementing SmartBin™

In the last 18 months, SmartBin™ have enjoyed much growth in the Australian market, where City Councils, waste management companies, and even several universities have successfully implemented the Smart City solution to become greener, cleaner and reduce operational costs. Just one of them is Corio Waste Management.

Victoria-based Corio have become known as one of the most innovative and sustainable waste management companies in Australia. With deep roots in their local Geelong community and a vision for clean, efficient and sustainable waste practices, Corio proudly provide several waste management services to Commercial and Government sectors across Victoria.

In an interview with ZDNet, Corio’s COO Peter Wilkes, discusses the impact implementing SmartBin™ will have on their operations. From reducing their collection costs to improving the service they provide to clients, and in particular the three local council contracts they have won.

Corio Waste Management Bin with SmartBin Sensor

Describing the problem SmartBin™ solves, Peter says “We have to travel 40 minutes to get to Winchelsea and there are bins spread over a 10km distance. The guys have to travel 10 to 15km out of their way to service a couple of bins. It’s only from their experience that we know when bins will be full. Then you get community events that the council might not have made us aware of, and all of a sudden bins are overflowing.”

As for the positive impact SmartBin’s Internet of Trash solution will have, Wilkes continues “I think it will be a no brainer. It reduces fuel consumption; it reduces the guys’ time. There are lower maintenance costs, and lower overheads.”

Hear more from Corio’s Peter Wilkes and SmartBin’s David Puxty in the full article here.