Broadspectrum Step Up Service Intelligence with SmartBin

NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA, Mar 29th, 2016. Leading Australian Facilities Management provider, Broadspectrum, have adopted SmartBin’s Intelligent Waste Monitoring solution in a move that will see cutting edge technology brought to the University of Newcastle campus in New South Wales.

SmartBin™ fill-level sensors will be deployed to bins throughout the Callaghan campus enabling Broadspectrum to monitor the bin fill-levels and make collections at the optimum time. As a result, collection services will operate on a new level of efficiency with reduced fuel and labour costs, while eliminating the chances of both over servicing and under servicing.

SmartBin monitors Newcastle University Bins with Broadspectrum

SmartBin’s Head of Australian Operations, David Puxty, believes the deal signifies a new level of expectation by both the leading service providers and their clients. “At SmartBin™ we are seeing a great demand for our solution on two Fronts. Forward thinking companies like Broadspectrum acknowledge the benefits from an operational view and in terms of customer service. In turn, bodies such as the University of Newcastle and local Governments are ensuring that Intelligent Monitoring is employed as part of their service contracts.” Said David.

The reasoning behind this is of course the mutual benefits enjoyed by both parties. Broadspectrum will add a new layer of business intelligence, allowing them to manage resources more efficiently, save on operational costs and improve customer service. For their clients, they will enjoy the most advanced level of service available today, with peace of mind and greater environmental stewardship.

“Embracing innovative technology to effectively manage our resources and our unique campus environment is important to the University and we are encouraged by the efficiencies this technology can provide”. Brian Jones, Deputy Director – Infrastructure & Facilities Services, University of Newcastle.

Executive General Manager, Transactional & Facilities Management, Tim Ryerson commented: “The SmartBin™ solution fits perfectly in line with the approach we have always taken to client satisfaction and environmental sustainability, leveraging technologies to ensure the optimum level of service for our clients. We are looking forward to an exciting future with SmartBin and the University of Newcastle”.

About Broadspectrum
Broadspectrum are a global provider of operations, maintenance and construction services to the resources, energy, industrial, infrastructure, property and defence sectors. Delivering asset management services across all phases of the asset lifecycle, from concept and creation, to services that sustain, optimise and enhance our client’s assets. With diverse global experience and expertise, Broadspectrum share knowledge and challenge thinking to develop and implement innovative solutions that deliver real value for clients. Broadspectrum unique approach enables them to deliver continuous improvements in asset performance and sustain long term relationships with clients and partners.

To discuss Intelligent Monitoring for your company, clients or citizens you can reach SmartBin Australia through or by calling 0407 562464.