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A multi-award winning and ISO 14001 company, Aaron Oil Inc. are not your average waste oil collector. The Mobile, AL based organization is also a research and development company that works with the IUORI, NORA, and the EPA.

Since 1981, Aaron Oil have provided the premier service in used oil and petroleum fuel recycling, operating with a comitment to provide the most dependable pick-up and recycling service to their many customers. When CEO and Founder, Dan Cowart, looked to SmartBin, he had a clear vision of what SmartBin’s intelligent monitoring solution could add to the Aaron Oil service.

From the beginning, Aaron Oil set out their goals:

  • To provide the most advanced and reliable used oil collections in North America by integrating intelligent monitoring with the existing operation.
  • To always collect from clients at the optimum time, with no fuel or resource inneficiencies.
  • To eliminate the chance of client tanks over-filling and provide peace of mind to clients that their used oil would always be collected on time with minimal interuption.


As a NORA member, and with an already proven solution for the used oil collection industry developed over the past 30 years, Aaron Oil and the International Used Oil Research Institute (IUORI) included SmartBin Technology in its latest Research efforts, testing the most automated Used Oil Collection Truck ever designed. The Truck includes all of the latest automations with real time live data communications back to a Central Dispatch Hub where data analysis can be performed to identify the most achievable efficiencies from the used oil collection process.

Following an on-site meeting, SmartBin field representatives got to work.
Pre-configured wireless Metro sensors were deployed to Aaron Oil’s client tanks with ease, mounting the sensors through the top of the tanks so they sense directly down on to the liquid. Following a short period of testing and on-site training, Aaron Oil’s tanks were ready to begin using the SmartBin Live platform.

On SmartBin Live, Aaron Oil began to utilized the many features including a war room styled view of all client tanks, optimized routes for drivers, tank performance details, and detailed KPI reports. The reliance on scheduled collections and the risk of emergency clean-ups quickly became a problem of the past.

Within a matter of days, Aaron Oil had seemlessly added intelligent monitoring to their offering and is already implementing changes in the way that they manage their existing used oil collection and Customer service processes.

The Research data will be gathered and analyzed over the next few years and used to educate the oil recycling industry on how to become more efficient in the way used oil is collected in the industry.


In an industry where over-servicing, under-servicing, and expensive emergency clean-ups are prevalent, the introduction of SmartBin’s solution quickly highlighted what should no longer be acceptable for used oil collectors.

Aaron Oil is now operating with full view of their clients needs, always knowing their tank fill-levels and now collecting on full tank routes, less frequently.

In turn, the companies costs of collections have reduced significantly. Greater trip efficiencies in the form of fuel burned, hours driven, and truck wear have been gained while internally, business processes are optimized based on detailed KPI reporting.

With volatile oil prices, Aaron Oil know they are collecting from full tanks on every route, meaning they know the volume and value of thie routes before dispatching their drivers. Thus maximizing profits for less miles driven.

Most importantly to Aaron Oil, they have invested in a technology which safeguards their customers from emergency spillages and ensures that they never need worry about checking tank levels or picking up the phone!

Aaron Oil Inc.