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Cascais Municipality


Cascais is a scenic town and municipality on the western coast of Portugal, just 30 kilometeres from the capital, Lisbon. Cascais Ambiente, the environmental dept. of the local government, oversees all environmental operations for the municipality of over 200,000 citizens, including urban cleaning, waste collection, and managing urban green public spaces.

A multi-award winning body, Cascais Ambiente are one of the leading European municipalities and Smart City regions that have embraced new environmental technologies and the benefits such solutions bring to their citizens.

Cascais approached SmartBin with clear objectives:

  • To install smart waste monitoring with their 400 Sotkon underground recycling bins
  • To provide optimized collection routes for drivers by integrating SmartBin Live with their existing fleet management system
  • To reduce the municipalities cost of collection while improving service
  • To sustain the town’s scenic beauty and keep citizens happy by eliminating over-filling of street bins



Working closely with our partner, Sotkon Waste Systems and Cascais Ambiente’s existing fleet management provider, SmartBin’s intelligent monitoring solution was seamlessly integrated to overhaul Cascais’ current collection operation.

Metro sensors were easily retrofitted to the Sotkon underground bins located across the municipality. Mounted to the movable ceiling above the underground bins, the UBi’s were positioned directly above the recyclable material being deposited from above.

Reporting via cellular networks to SmartBin Live, Cascais Ambiente’s control centre simply monitor the fill-levels of their 400 bins and plan optimized collection routes for their drivers.

Using SmartBin’s API, the routing data is sent directly to the collection trucks fleet management system, enabling drivers to focus on routes with only bins that are at the optimum fill-level.


By shrewdly investing in SmartBin’s solution, Cascais are on track to save up to €900,000 on their collection operation in this year alone. Their investment in SmartBin will be paid back in approx. 6 months with the following results already achieved.

  • Collections reduced by up to 50%
  • Greater Resource Management
  • Unsightly over-filling of bins eliminated
  • Reduced Co2 emisions
  • Trucks on the road only when needed, meaning happier citizens and no more complaints!