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Goodwill Industries is a North American nonprofit organization that provides job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities. With hundreds of agencies serving communities across North America, Goodwill, like many charitable organizations, use clothing donations as a way to fund their programs.

As a whole, Goodwill have thousands of clothing bins located in public areas that facilitate clothing donations which are then resold at their many thrift stores. The challenge to SmartBin was to provide a clothing bin monitoring solution that:

  • Provides full visibility of all clothing bins including fill-levels and geolocations
  • Reduce the resources required to service Goodwill’s collection routes
  • Eliminate unsightly over-filling of clothing bins
  • Reduce collection costs


The SmartBin solution has been specially designed to revolutionize clothing collection operations for Goodwill Industries and many more clothing collectors across the world.

To achieve this, SmartBin deployed wireless ultrasonic Metro sensors to over a thousand Goodwill clothing bins. The Metro reports the clothing bin fill-levels (and much more) to SmartBin Live via cellular networks.

From SmartBin Live, dozens of Goodwill agencies each log in to their user accounts, quickly access their container portfolio’s fill-levels, and plan collection routes that are sent directly to their driver’s smartphones or tablets. Goodwill drivers simply use the SmartBin Mobile app to follow their routes and collect at the optimum time.

The SmartBin Live software solution enabled Goodwill to:

  • Collect on routes with only full clothing bins
  • Manage driver resources better
  • To know the cost and value of each route before dispatching their drivers
  • Eliminate over-filling by collecting before it could arise


Through SmartBin’s intelligent monitoring solution, Goodwill Industries have reduced their cost of collection by up to 50% in the form of less fuel consumption, greater driver resource management and reduced truck wear.

Aside from savings made with SmartBin in place, Goodwill have used their efficiencies to increase the volume of donated clothing being collected. This in turn has increased donation revenue and enabled Goodwill to allocate more funds to community programs.

The public areas where Goodwill bins are located are no longer at risk of over-filling which keeps property owners and citizens happier. Goodwill’s environmental stewardship has also benefited through lower carbon emissions and they have a complete overview of their donation bins which adds peace of mind and greater security to their operations.

Goodwill Industries