Epremasa implements SmartBin’s monitoring solution to generate significant cost savings

Leading Spanish waste collection service provider Epremasa implements SmartBin’s monitoring solution to generate significant cost savings

Bin fill monitoring technologies allow Epremasa to save up to €1,300 annually on the cost of collecting each container

SmartBin, the leading provider of intelligent bin monitoring solutions for waste management and recycling service providers, has today announced that Epremasa, a leading Spanish waste collection service provider, has implemented its award-winning bin monitoring solutions in its operations. 

Epremasa is responsible for the integrated management of domestic and municipal waste, providing services to 70 of a total of 74 municipalities in the province of Cordoba. Services include household waste collection and the collection of paper, cardboard, glass, appliances, bulky and lightweight packaging.

In selecting SmartBin’s intelligent bin monitoring solutions for its waste and recycling operations, Epremasa can now generate real-time information that will allow it to manage its waste collection services and control field services efficiently and effectively, helping to improve the provision of service quality whilst decreasing overall service costs. The solution is specifically deployed to monitor the fill levels of underground containers for general and organic waste, and plastics and packages.

With responsibility for small towns, some with very low population densities of between 5,000 and 50,000 people, fixed scheduled collection services don’t always make commercial sense, especially if bins are not full on collection days. By fitting its underground containers with a SmartBin intelligent monitoring solution, Epremasa can identify all near full or full bins and arrange collections for those bins based on optimized routes designed to save the company considerable costs and time.

According to Sergio Velasco, Operations manager at Epremasa, “the simple user interface allows the user to immediately identify the containers that need to be collected before they initiate the route planning therefore allowing a more efficient and cost effective operation”.  

Using SmartBin’s clever technology, Epremasa has estimated that it can save up to €1,300 annually on the cost of collecting each container (including the costs of amortization and maintenance of sensors), and claims that up to 15% of underground containers will be monitored in 2014.

Brendan Walsh, Sales Director at SmartBin, said, “We are delighted to welcome Epremasa to our growing family of clients across Europe and North America. By providing waste and recycling collection providers with real-time insights into their bin fill levels, we can optimize their entire collection service, helping them to achieve tangible savings without comprising service quality”.

About SmartBin (www.smartbin.com):

SmartBin is an award-winning SaaS solutions company that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for waste management and recycling industries. With over a hundered clients spanning local authorities and private collectors, and catering to many waste and recycling streams such as Waste Oil, Yellow Grease, E-waste, Secure Document Shredding, Clinical waste, Glass recycling, Textiles, Books and many more, SmartBin’s solutions are deployed in more than 30 countries.

SmartBin is radically revolutionizing how waste and recycling companies across the globe can service their remote assets – simply by providing key business intelligence that enables companies to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. SmartBin’s intelligent web-based monitoring solutions help waste and recycling management companies to optimize the collection, protection and utilization of their assets and waste streams, whilst bringing substantial savings to their bottom line.