Bin Level Indicator

Intelligent Monitoring
of Recyclables


Issues Faced

Whether you’re a private collector of glass and paper, or a local authority or municipality, you are challenged to ensure that your bins and containers are collected at the right time. Not too early so that resources are wasted but also not too late when unsightly over-filling can occur.

You have an obligation to your clients and citizens to provide the best recycling collection service possible. And without a complete overview of operations, this is a near impossible and expensive task. SmartBin’s Level Indicator Technology for Recyclables bins can solve these problems.

Benefits of SmartBin

With SmartBin’s Bin Level Indicator & Intelligent Monitoring in place, not only do you always know which bins require servicing and when, you also plan the most efficient routes and send them directly to your drivers. Over-filling and emergency call outs become just a bad memory with bin level indicators, while huge savings on driver hours, truck wear, and fuel costs are realised.

For Smart Cities and municipalities in particular, your citizens enjoy a world class recycling service, see less trucks cluttering up our roads and don’t have to worry about needless noise or air pollution. What’s more, with SmartBin Level Indicator & Intelligent Monitoring, never again will a client or citizen notify you of a missed collection!

From now on, we will always know the fill-level of our containers, enabling us to collect on SmartBin Live’s efficient routes. This keeps our servicing costs down while ensuring we provide a world class service.

Nuno Piteira Lopes, Cascais Ambiente

Goodwill Industries

SmartBin has been a game changer for clothing donation collectors for several years. Hear more about what the SmartBin solution has done for Goodwill Industries across North America.

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