Fill Level Sensor Solution for Collectors of Secure Documents

Secure Documents

Issues Faced

Secure document collectors all over the world are faced with high collection costs. Collecting secure document bins on scheduled routes can be both costly, inefficient and very time consuming. And when your drivers reach a client, there’s no telling how much material is inside.

All secure document collectors want to service their clients with minimal interruption or hassle. However, on scheduled routes a bin could be almost empty one day and overflowing the next, meaning emergency collections are needed and clients are dissatisfied. This adds cost to your operation and can harm your companies reputation. SmartBin’s remote bin monitoring solution for collectors of secure documents can solve these issues.

Benefits of SmartBin

SmartBin monitoring and fill level sensor technology for secure document collectors is truly revolutionizing what was a very inefficient industry. With SmartBin Metro sensors deployed to each bin, our clients know exactly which bins are full and the most efficient time to send out drivers.

Over-filled bins are no longer an issue as you send drivers on routes made up of only the bins that are nearing full. This means the security of documents is never in question.

With intelligent fill-level monitoring, our clients reduce their cost of collection while impressing clients with their innovation and quality of service.

An investment in SmartBin is an investment in the quality of your service, the sustainability of your business, and the efficiency of your operations. Not many solutions improve service and enhance reputations all the while saving you up to 4 times on your investment!

Brendan Walsh, SmartBin President.

Aaron Oil Inc.

SmartBin is deployed in many waste & recycling sectors around the world. Hear about how we revolutionized Waste Oil collection for our Alabama based NORA member, Aaaron Oil.

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