Intelligent Monitoring of Fresh Oil and Lubricants

Intelligent Monitoring
of Fresh Oil & Lubricants

Fresh Oil

Issues Faced

Distributors of fresh oil and lubricants care about their clients and the service they provide. However, without intelligent oil level monitoring it is very hard to judge when clients need their tanks filled.

This can lead to costly over servicing, or worse, not delivering on time and leaving clients short, damaging client relationships.

Predictive deliveries are not reliable and having clients order more fresh oil is a hassle they could do without.

Benefits of SmartBin

SmartBin oil level sensors and tank monitoring ensures that you know the perfect time to deliver to your clients. Less frequent deliveries are needed and both you and your customers will never have to worry about running out.

With less deliveries of fresh oil come less costs in the form of driver hours, truck wear, admin and fuel spend, meaning your operation is working as cost-efficiently as possible, improving your bottom line!

SmartBin oil level sensors and tank monitoring is a proven solution, enhancing operations for fresh oil distributors across the globe with zero maintenance or up-keep required.

An investment in SmartBin is an investment in the quality of your service, the sustainability of your business, and the efficiency of your operations. Not many solutions improve service and enhance reputations all the while saving you up to 4 times on your investment!

Brendan Walsh, SmartBin President.

Cascais Municipality

SmartBin is deployed in many waste & recycling sectors around the world. Hear about how we revolutionized recycling collection in underground street bins for the Portuguese Municipality, Cascais.

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