Used Cooking Oil Monitors

Intelligent Monitoring
of Used Cooking Oil

Used Cooking Oil

Issues Faced

We understand the issues facing used cooking oil collectors. You want to keep your clients happy by collecting at the right time and with minimal interference to their day-to-day business, and you want to avoid over-spills at all costs while collecting the maximum volume each time.

The cost of collecting on scheduled runs can be high, with no guarantee of the volume of used cooking oil that each route will return. Low visibility of your oil tank containers leaves uncertainty in your operation while you continue to incur the same cost to service clients. Oil Tank Monitoring & Tank Level Sensor Solutions from Smartbin can address these issues.

Benefits of SmartBin

SmartBin Tank Monitoring of cooking oil ensures that you know the perfect time to collect from your clients. Less frequent collections are needed and you’ll be bringing higher volumes home without having to worry about expensive spillages and costly clean-ups.

With less collections come less costs in the form of driver hours, truck wear, admin and fuel spend, meaning your operation is working as cost-efficiently as possible while improving your bottom line!

SmartBin is a proven cooking oil Tank Monitoring solution, enhancing operations for used oil collectors across the globe with zero maintenance or up-keep required.

An investment in SmartBin is an investment in the quality of your service, the sustainability of your business, and the efficiency of your operations. Not many Tank Monitoring solutions improve service and enhance reputations all the while saving you up to 4 times on your investment!

Stacey Kacek, CEO OnePlus Systems.


Aaron Oil Inc.

SmartBin is deployed in many waste & recycling sectors around the world. Hear about how we revolutionized Waste Oil collection for our Alabama based NORA member, Aaaron Oil.

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