Rapid Growth in US Textile Collection Continues for SmartBin

SpinGreen's multi-year contract with SmartBin was the focus of an article in Recycling Today magazine. The predicted shift towards Intelligent Remote Monitoring by collectors in the Waste & Recycling industry has become almost tangible. Over the last quarter, SmartBin has seen a significant increase in those shrewdly adopting their best in class smart container monitoring solution and investing in an efficient, cost effective and sustainable future for their business.

The latest of these is New York based textile collector SpinGreen, who have signed a major multi-year contract with SmartBin which will see them adopt the revolutionary container monitoring solution.  Not your average collector, SpinGreen see their purpose as threefold; to keep clothes out of landfills, to preserve the environment for future generations and to clothe those in need wherever possible.

Heavily involved in the local community, SpinGreen see their smart investment in SmartBin’s remote monitoring solution as not only a way to drive efficiencies and reduce collection costs but also an opportunity to further support local initiatives. “The advancements we are making today, thanks to SmartBin’s revolutionary approach, will enable us to not only grow further as a collector company but to also secure our current commitment to the local community for years to come.” says Director of Sustainability, Elliot Groman.

Rapid Growth in US Textile Collection Continues for SmartBinOperating throughout the New York area, SpinGreen have enjoyed much growth in recent years. Now, with a significant portfolio of container assets, they have identified the need to employ a smarter monitoring solution for many reasons. A common flaw in any traditional collection operation is being unable to accurately distinguish the fill-levels of containers ahead of collection. The result is needless expenditure of man hours and fuel costs as half-full or even empty bins are serviced regardless.

SmartBin’s UBi sensor and SmartBin Live portal, however, accurately monitor not only the fill-level but temperature and geo-positioning which enable SpinGreen to collect on optimized routes. “We have gone from playing somewhat of a guessing game to a fully informed, precisely fleet managed operation that leverages our container assets to make significant savings on servicing and greater returns from routes.” states Elliot.

Driving cost efficient operations is undoubtedly a primary benefit of the SmartBin Solution. A benefit not undervalued by SpinGreen however is the operational clarity provided by the SmartBin Live platform. A greater view of and insight in to the day-to-day operation is achieved through SmartBin’s war room interface, the predicted value of routes provides accurate revenue data and detailed KPI reports inform business strategy. “With a total solution like SmartBin, we are working smarter than ever before and with a competitive edge on the market. We’ve acquired the best solution to not only exploit opportunities but create our own!” claimed Elliot.

The latest in a fast growing list of collectors to adopt the world’s leading Intelligent Monitoring Solution this year, SpinGreen signify another step forward for the industry. SmartBin’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Brendan Walsh, believes this shift in favour of deploying smart technology is a trend that will continue to rise over the coming years. “We are delighted to welcome SpinGreen to our growing circle of clients and have no doubt that they will reap the rewards for their smart investment. There is no question that SpinGreen will be followed by collectors in many industries around the world as the ROI achieved by all of our clients becomes undisputable to the wider industry” says Brendan.

SpinGreen’s multi-year contract with SmartBin was the focus of an article in Recycling Today magazine. Read the article here!