SmartBin Announces Major Multi-Year Contract with US Textile Collector

Charity Recycling ServiceLeading Intelligent Monitoring Solutions provider, SmartBin, announces a major multi-year contract with expanding US textile collector Charity Recycling Service, LLC. Operating throughout the eastern coast of the United States, Charity Recycling Service is the latest North American firm to shrewdly adopt SmartBin’s revolutionary container monitoring technology.


In recent years, Charity Recycling Service has seen continued growth and expansion in the collection and distribution of used clothing. Now with thousands of textile container assets across many states from Florida to Massachusetts, they have established themselves as a leader in the textile recycling industry.


With this growth, however, came the need for greater resource management and a superior, intelligent monitoring system. The most common inefficiencies across the collection industry arise from one frequently asked question; how full are our bins? Without the capability to answer this question, the textile collection industry is bearing huge waste in terms of man hours and travel costs. On top of this are the costs to the environment, the risk of unsightly overfilled bins on our streets and the associated fines to collectors. CEO of Charity Recycling Services, Jay Katari, was no longer willing to accept these inefficiencies and introduced SmartBin’s solution in April of this year.

SmartBin Announces Major Multi-Year Contract with US Textile CollectorToday, Jay oversees an efficient and informed operation which benefits from Optimized Route Planning and accurate valuations of each route. “We have seen immediate improvements in how we collect. Each day, our drivers have clearly defined routes generated by SmartBin Live meaning they travel to and collect only from containers that are full. We can now also accurately project the value of the route before it is collected. As SmartBin promised, we know before we go!” says Jay. SmartBin’s leading ultra-sonic fill-level sensor technology has proven to save customers up to 50% in collection costs alone.

With an operation spanning thousands of miles it can be unrealistic to confidently monitor both container assets and operations. SmartBin’s war room style interface and mobile app allows just that however. “From our base in Florida, we can monitor route by route in great detail or with an overall view of operations. This provides far greater vision and clarity, it’s a game changer!

Charity Recycling Service are experiencing a rewarding evolution following the introduction of the SmartBin solution, something which Director of Sales, Brendan Walsh, expects collectors of all industries to do over the coming months. “We are delighted to see our clients realizing the benefits of adopting our smarter monitoring solution. There is a visible shift in the market where collectors of Textiles, Waste Oil, Yellow Grease, General Waste etc. are acknowledging that SmartBin is the future of the collection industry. It is shrewd collectors like Jay who are enjoying the benefits right now, but very soon we expect all collectors to make the smart decision.” stated Brendan.