SmartBin & Egbert Taylor Group Announce Strategic Partnership

SmartBin™ and The Egbert Taylor Group have today announced a strategic partnership where the Egbert Taylor Group will become SmartBin’s sole UK distributor of intelligent monitoring systems on all 4 wheel and large metal containers.

SmartBin™ enable waste collectors, local authorities and recycling companies to significantly optimise their collection routes and operations by understanding when their bins need emptying and the bins’ levels and current location at any given time.

SmartBin’s sensor technology provides accurate real time insight into waste collection routes by communicating with field collection operatives when the bins and stations require emptying. This helps to save councils and organisations significant valuable time and cost resources.

Taylor Continental 1100 Range SmartBin

Intelligent smart technology underpins each of the SmartBin™ sensors, which can easily be retrofitted to existing bins and containers. The Egbert Taylor Group’s latest partnership with the smart monitoring firm will enable its entire product portfolio, from Taylor’s 1100L Continental bin to Sellers’ range of skips and containers, to become ‘smart’ units on request.

Brendan Murphy, CEO of the Egbert Taylor Group, comments: “The world of waste collection has considerably evolved from when Taylor first opened its doors over five decades ago. Not only do manufacturers such as the Egbert Taylor Group need to evolve with the sector but we also need to play a role in shaping it. As demand from private and public sector organisations to become more efficient and sustainable, our alliance with SmartBin will enable those who already have an established fleet of bins and containers to ‘upgrade’ their stock and benefit from significant cost and efficiency savings.”

SmartBin’s CEO, Brendan Walsh, adds: “SmartBin was created with the primary objective of adding value to the day-to-day operations of those who adopted the technology. Since the company’s launch our products have gone from strength to strength as more and more organisations switch on to the fact that they can meet, and in some cases exceed, their environmental obligations and save money for a small investment. We now expect to add value to the Egbert Taylor Group by providing the opportunity for local authorities and other organisations to transform their standard bins into smart bins whilst adding value to the SmartBin brand through accessing Egbert Taylor Group’s extensive and well established client base.”

About Egbert Taylor Group
The Egbert Taylor Group is the umbrella company behind three renowned waste manufacturing and technology brands, which include:

Taylor, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal bins (four-wheeled galvanised steel waste containers to those in the trade) and aesthetic on-street recycling containers;

Sellers, the UK’s leading manufacturer of waste containers and off-shore marine applications covering single unit and large orders through to one-off and bespoke designs;

Bigbelly, the world leader in smart waste and recycling systems and architects of what is widely referred to as ‘the world’s most hi-tech bin’. With over five decades of shaping the waste collection industry the Egbert Taylor Group is committed to expanding its portfolio of waste and recycling products and solutions, contributing to the evolution of the waste industry’s rapidly changing landscape and adding value to its customers through the depth and breadth of its growing range of products and services.

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