Smartbin is pleased to announce its new Australian partnership with Fernlawn Environmental.


SmartBin expands it’s international growth with the announcement today of a new partnership in Australia and New Zealand with FernLawn Environmental.

As part of the partnership FernLawn Environmental will distribute SmartBin’s Intelligent Remote Monitoring solutions across the territory, including the world’s most accurate and efficient remote monitoring sensor, SmartBin UBi, and SmartBin’s route optimisation solution SmartBin Live.

This partnership provides the Australian and New Zealand markets access to Smartbin technology, which is helping companies across Europe and North America to significantly lower costs and increase profits in waste management.

Smartbin Sales Director Brendan Walsh is delighted with the partnership. “Smartbin allows waste companies and waste clients to achieve a sustainable and cost effective waste solution. In Fernlawn Environmental we have found a company committed to providing waste management organisations with sustainable solutions that also improve their bottom line.”

In an industry that has invested heavily in technologies to reduce travel time, Smartbin provides a natural progression for the waste industry in Australia. Smartbin technology enables remote monitoring of bin fill levels, to enable waste companies to service clients needs when they are needed rather than travel between near empty and overflowing bins on set schedules.

David Puxty of Fernlawn Environmental is also excited to be partnering with Smartbin. “The waste and recycling industries in Australia and New Zealand are perfectly placed to gain enormous benefit from Smartbin technology. Rising fuel costs and sprawling urban communities mean the costs of waste companies to service clients waste and recycling needs are high.”

In an industry where competitors are jostling for an advantage, David believes early adopters of Smartbin will have a substantial advantage on their competitors. “Smartbin is proven to decrease servicing costs by 30-40% and deliver a 10x ROI for existing clients. Companies that can decrease their costs before their competition will be very popular with new clients and increase their share of the market.”

Fernlawn Environmental can be contacted on 0407 562 464 or at