SmartBin Announce Strategic Lubricants & Used Oil Tank Monitoring Partnership

DUBLIN, IRELAND, Nov. 20th, 2015 – SmartBin is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Superior Lubricants™, the New York-based, premier distributor of lubricants, greases, diesel exhaust fluid, washer solvent and antifreeze for the automotive and industrial sectors. The partnership will see SmartBin’s technology powering the Eco-Maxx™ IntelliTank used oil as well as Superior Lubricant’s fresh oil tank monitoring solution, a new and exciting client offering by Superior Lubricants™.

With over 36 years of experience in the new and used oil industry, Superior Lubricants™ have always employed forward thinking customer service strategies to remain competitive and valuable to their growing client base. In a market as volatile as the oil industry, focusing on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency has kept Superior Lubricants™, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, at the top of their field for many years.

In-line with their disruptive vision, Superior Lubricants™ have adopted SmartBin technology to create Eco-Maxx™ IntelliTank, a total monitoring, real time inventory management and efficient routing solution for both used oil collection and fresh oil distribution.

Eco-Maxx IntellTank

How does the customer benefit?

With Eco-Maxx™ IntelliTank monitoring in place, SmartBin sensors accurately report the fill-level of client tanks, enabling both Superior Lubricants™ and the client to know the optimal time to for collections and deliveries. This means that tanks never run empty or overflow, stop fees are minimized, fresh oil inventory is accurate, and expensive clean-ups become a thing of the past.

How does Superior Lubricants™ benefit?

Accurate monitoring of client tanks provides unprecedented business intelligence for Superior Lubricants™. Powered by SmartBin, Eco-Maxx™ IntelliTank provides precise fill-level data for all client tanks, meaning that servicing is carried out only when required, reducing fuel costs, drivers hours, and keeping customers happy. Improving service while reducing costs enables Superior Lubricants™ to minimize the fees for collecting the used oil.

Intellitank Monitoring

President of Superior Lubricants ™, Matt Gudorf, believes that Eco-Maxx powered by SmartBin™ is the most positively disruptive solution to enter the market in decades. “The combination of Superior Lubricants™ experience and SmartBin’s technology has allowed us to create an unrivalled, first class service for our clients. Eco-Maxx™ IntelliTank provides technological advancements to our operations, making us more efficient than ever before while our customers enjoy peace of mind. What’s more, our high level of cost efficiency allows us to minimize fees charged for services. It’s a win-win solution.” says Matt.

Commenting on the partnership, SmartBin CEO, Brendan Walsh said “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Superior Lubricants™ and the launch of Eco-Maxx™ IntelliTank. In Superior Lubricants™ we have an established, professional and passionate oil industry partner that will only further accelerate SmartBin’s growth in North America”.

About Superior Lubricants

Superior Lubricants, a certified ISO 9001:2008 company, is the premier distributor of lubricants and greases for automotive, industrial and governmental entities.

For 36 years Superior Lubricants has fueled its growth by blending an industry-leading product line with superior service and distribution innovations. In addition to designing and implementing inventory solutions, Superior Lubricants offers an extensive product line in key categories, including Lubricants, Chemicals, Filters and Parts and Supplies.

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