SmartBin “Revolutionize” Goodwill Industries with Optimized Routes


SmartBin, the leading global provider of Intelligent Monitoring Solutions, sees further expansion and international growth following multiple sensor deployments with individual Goodwill Industries agencies, not for profit organizations with over 180 bases across the United States. Goodwill collects thousands of pounds of donations from freestanding donation bins on hundreds of routes each day. Below, is an outline of how one Goodwill agency has improved efficiencies and progressive changes to their organization following the introduction of SmartBin’s intelligent monitoring solution in 2013.

With over 70 Goodwill collection bins in Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, deducing the average volume of donations received was expensive and time consuming for the organization. “Drivers would empty the bins every one to three days and record the bin level and donor conversion. This was not the most efficient system for many reasons” says Wayne Hatcher, Vice President of Operations.

SmartBin "Revolutionize" Goodwill Industries with Optimized Routes“Drivers had to stop at each bin on regular intervals because they didn’t know if they were full or half full”, Wayne continued. The organization needed a smarter solution that would reduce costs and aid resource management by generating collection routes and providing near real time data about the bin contents.

It was at this point that Wayne and Goodwill came across SmartBin’s Intelligent Remote Monitoring Solution. Following a short trial, Goodwill Monocacy Valley deployed SmartBin sensors to each of their 72 collection bins, “revolutionizing the way we collect”.

“Now, we have a solution that measures the fill levels of our bins, monitors each pick up of material and estimates the weight of the material collected. SmartBin’s user friendly interface, SmartBin Live, will also create the most economical and efficient routing possible. It has made a hugely positive impact on our operation and overall strategy” states Wayne.

SmartBin has continued to grow it’s relationship with Goodwill Industries across the United States with several partners deploying SmartBin’s solution. The small, easily installed UBi sensor and user friendly interface, SmartBin Live, promises to be a huge success for Goodwill Industries across the country. Brendan Walsh, Sales Director at SmartBin said. “We are very pleased to see Goodwill reap the rewards for their smart investment and see great potential for each Goodwill community across the country to save money, optimize collection routes and manage their resources far more efficiently”.