world's smartest and most widely deployed fill-level sensors

The World’s Smartest
and Most Widely
Deployed Fill-level Sensor

IoT Fill-level Sensors

The small yet robust series of Metro sensors are the most reliable and widely deployed container IoT fill-level sensors in the world. These wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors are plug & play IoT devices that report near real time data to the SmartBin Live platform where clients enjoy a war room view of operations, optimized routes are created, and detailed KPI reports inform business strategy.

Key Features

  • Ultrasonic fill-level, geo-location & temperature
  • Completely wireless with 3+ years battery life
  • Weighing less than 9 ounces & easily mounted to any container
  • Internal communications enabling reports via cellular networks
  • Zero maintenance with a non-corrosive protective shell
  • Measures up to 3m in depth

Easy Install & Retrofit

Easily Installed

SmartBin wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors are easily mounted to any container bin type in seconds. Once mounted, your smart container monitoring has begun!

Measures materials & liquids

SmartBin fill level sensors are developed to sense and monitor all material and liquid types from solid material such as textilesglass to waste oil and lubricants!

Optimized & Direct Routing

Geo Tracking

Geopositional tracking ensures that you know the location of your container asset at all times, adding security and peace of mind to your business!

Now we have a solution that measures the fill-levels of our bins, monitors each pick-up of material, and calculates the weight and value of material collected…’s made a hugely positive impact on our operation and overall strategy!

Wayne Hatcher, Goodwill Industries