The SmartBin Live Platform

The SmartBin Live Platform

Route Optimization – SmartBin Live

The revolutionary platform that brings the complete SmartBin solution together, SmartBin Live is the secure web portal that our IoT sensors reports to, enabling route optimization, full management of your container assets and generating smart routes for your drivers!

Waste collection operations become smarter, more efficient and stress free thanks to the many features of the web based platform.

Key Features

  • Enjoy a war room view of operations
  • Generate efficient waste collection routes for only the containers requiring servicing
  • Send routes directly to drivers tablets or smartphones
  • Track drivers as they service their smart routes
  • Analyze and benchmark the performance of your operation
  • Know the volume and value of collection routes before you go
  • Inform your strategy with detailed KPI reports

Know your profit Before You Go!

Operations Overview

Your entire waste management operation at your fingertips with near real time data and reporting tailored to your operational requirements.

Optimized & Direct Routing

Collection Route Optimization

By knowing the fill-level of all your containers, you plan smarter waste collection routes that cut unnecessary driver hours and fuel costs in half!

2 Year Warranty

Provide a world class service

With smarter monitoring, you ensure that containers are never too full or empty, meaning no more expensive clean-ups, fines or emergency servicing.

From our base in Florida, we can monitor route by route in great detail or with an overview of opertions. We’ve seen immediate improvements in how we operate….it’s a game changer!

Jay Katari, Charity Recycling Service