Stena Recycling Choose SmartBin

Stena Recycling Logo Stena Recycling, a leading Swedish waste management company has selected SmartBin’s superior remote monitoring solution as part of their service commitment to increase the value of their customer operations, decrease transportation costs and develop innovative customer solutions.

Stena Recycling provides full service management that includes the collection of materials for recycling purposes.

SmartBin’s ultrasonic sensor solution has revolutionized waste collection across the globe. The robust and low maintenance UBi sensor reports container Fill Level, Temperature, and Geo-positioning to inform collectors and in turn reduce man hours and travel costs. Optimized Collection Routes generated by the SmartBin Live platform are intelligently plotted with tanks that require servicing, removing all avoidable costs including fines and cleaning costs for over-filled tanks. SmartBin’s platform also provides a clear and accurate overview of collection operations and near real-time data reported by SmartBin sensors bringing peace of mind in terms of the security of container assets.

Stena recycling choose SmartBin - fill level sensorsBrendan Walsh, Sales Director at SmartBin, said, “We are delighted to have Stena Recycling AB as part of our growing family of clients across Europe and North America. By providing their operations management and customers with real-time insights into their Tank fill levels, they can optimize their entire collection service, helping to achieve tangible savings without comprising service quality”.